It was the most extensive field of play (FoP) in the Games. A 254 km long corridor, Road Cycling had two competitions: the time trial, which happened in Pontal and Guaratiba, and the road race, which also passed through there but started and finished in Fort Copacabana.
As it took place in two locations, this FoP needed two colour strategies. Cycling shared the venue with triathlon and marathon swimming in Fort Copacabana, where the road race started., following the aquatic sports blue colour concept. In Pontal, the field of play was orange like the other road events.
The road race crossed the city, and we applied a modular design approach to adapt to locations quickly. The use of colour for those items followed the proximity to each venue: Blue for the south side (Copacabana) and orange for the west side (Pontal).
The organic shapes from Rio 2016 identity inspired the most prominent structures of the event: the gantries and time trial start ramp.
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Road race
Time trial

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