The Sailing Olympic medals at Rio 2016 were disputed on the waters of Guanabara Bay. To enable Look of the Games in such a complex field of play (FoP), it is essential for the partnership and collaboration between the functional areas of Look and Competition Management. Together, the two sectors could customize sports equipment, considering the visual elements that most caught the public's eye in this FoP.
In this development, we brought our identity to athletes' vests, launching slipways, buoys colours, coolers, equipment boxes and above all, in the competition boats.
We worked out the colour strategy combining the green primary colour games and sports equipment with a blue tone chosen for water sports with decals on the hulls of boats, windsurfing boards and sails.
We created a colour differentiation between male, female and mixed events. In the male classes, there was a predominance of blue; in the female, green, and the mixed one, the combination of the two.​​​​​​​
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