Illustration is my way to express my creativity, personality and heritage.

I was born in Brazil, and I spent my childhood and teenage years in the hilly woods and river lands of Rio de Janeiro. Living in harmony with nature significantly influenced my work, giving me a fluid and organic style. 
I grew up living and breathing the 80's and 90's pop culture. Brazil was emerging from a brutal dictatorship, and my family, who fought for democracy, encouraged arts, culture and free thinking. That also contributed to my work with bold and vibrant colours, critical views and pop themes that people can relate to.
Since early in my career, I have sought to develop illustrative skills to enhance my design work. I have always wanted to be proactive and independent of others' resources to achieve my goals. My first illustration was in 2006 when I pitched a very successful campaign for a Sports Magazine. From that onwards, my illustration grew from my graphic design work, expanding my skillset at every opportunity.
Over the years, I have collaborated on projects in many industries, such as tech start-ups, energy, retail, food and beverage, services, telecom, sports, and culture, delivering value to global brands such as Coca-Cola, the FIFA World Cup, and the Olympic Games.
With that mindset and experience I provide the following services:
Creative concept & design
• Digital illustration
• Pictograms, iconography and infographics
• Typography
• Logo  design
• Poster design
• Brand concept & development 
• Visual Identity
• Design systems
• Creative strategy, leadership & planning
• Corporate templates and guidelines
Please get in touch, and we can collaborate on our next project.
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