The competition took place in Post 6 at Copacabana Beach, and the athletes headed to the sea for the 1,5 km swim. As the athletes came out of the water, they began the 40 km bike course in 8 laps between the beach and Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. The last stage was the 4 laps of 10 km run by the Copacabana’s shore line.
Rio 2016 Look of the Games set the colors for this course by using the same strategy as other water sports. The vibrant green from sport equipment, such as water barriers, bike racks and swim caps, contrasted with the blue in transition zone’s carpets, A-frames and road barricade covers.
The visual language also inspired the triathlon’s competition design by using its organic shapes and colorful graphics as in athlete’s bike racks and finish gantry.
Other important aspect was the development of field of play signage, like road cycling’s, took influence on proprietary Rio 2016 colors strokes and pictograms.
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