Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas was the setting for the rowing and canoe sprint competitions. Following Look’s language and color concept for aquatic sports, the combination of blue and green was used in the field of play for the two modalities.
By having Lagoa Stadium as the finish line for both sports, this competition zone had as most striking parts the toblerones, that worked as lane surrounds. They were bigger and floating A-frames that had the graphics and branding Look of the Games sequence applied to it. Those structures also worked as distance marks at timing points.
Another highlight was the conception of graphic-printed carpet for pontoons, ceremonies platforms, mixed zone decks and athlete’s ramps. Illustrated with Rio 2016 visual identity, they helped bringing color to the last meters to the finish line.
The green was added in boat stickers and other sport items, that was also influenced by using organic shapes as part of the Look Rio 2016 program.​​​​​​​
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