Evolving from an existing visual identity, the objective was to create an exciting
new look exploring Scottish and athletics cultural inspirations: 4 action poses, 5 city pictogram and 2 compositions.
The graphic DNA
The pictograms are action poses inspired by comic book illustrations but also the geometry of tartan and World Athletics brand. They portray the athletes as superheroes.
Diversity is an important aspect of this identity and the illustrations have skin tone variations to ensure all races are represented.
City icons
The refreshed WAIC Glasgow 2024 brand identity also portrays the iconic Glasgow landmark to combine with the hero poses to give a sense of place to the look in master composites
The master compositions combine the tartan, saltire and there action poses representing the main disciplines: run, jump and throw. And to fully express diversity and inclusivity, men and woman heroes are swapped between applications as well as skin tone variations.
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