The Look of the Games is the visual identity of the Olympics and Paralympics.  It differentiated the event from any other in the world and placed Brazil in the spotlight by promoting our culture and our joyful way of life. Besides, it made history as it conveyed the Games’ messages.
The Rio 2016’s Identity was a sophisticated visual system. The graphics integrated all language’s elements. It went to the competition and non-competition venues, the city, uniforms, medals, tickets, among other applications and transformed the Games into a unique and memorable experience.
The Look was inspired by Brazil, the Brazilians and by Rio de Janeiro itself. The green that had never been used before in Games languages was the crucial element and symbolized the nature and our flag. The organic graphics, touching and multicoloured, represented the personality diversity, colours, icons of our country.
As it is a city of vast encounters, Rio creates and transforms itself. It is where rich and poor shares the same spaces, cultural demonstrations, blend and reinvent, and the urban settings coexist closely with the natural environment. It is the megacity, mega nature.
All those concepts put together have inspired and translated as an iconic and proprietary visual language for the Rio 2016 Games.
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